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Luxury Full Body Pillow, Polyester Bed Pillows,Adjustable Soft Body Pillow,Suitable for Various Postures Sleeping Pillows, 20 Inches x 54 Inches (White)

  • LONG BODY PILLOW-design that fits the contours of the body, can maintain a variety of natural postures, and can provide your body with just the right support when sleeping on the bed. Appropriate fluffiness is the best choice for pregnant women, suitable for sleeping on the side, supine and prone positions. Whether it is sleeping, breastfeeding, nursing or reading, it can provide the most ideal support.
  • ADJUSTABLE HIGHT-has a unique adjustable hight design. Through the zipper on the short side of the body pillow, you can add fillers such as polyester fiber at will to change the height of the long pillow and obtain a sense of comfort, so as to meet your various needs. Moreover, the design size of the high-quality body pillow is 20X54 inches, which is suitable for ordinary body pillow cases.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL-In order to keep you comfortable when using, not only a large amount of high-quality ultra-fine polyester fiber is filled to meet your various requirements for height and support, but also the surface layer is sewn with super breathable poly Ester fiber pillow cover.
  • CONVENIENT TO CLEAN-This full body pillow can be machine washed directly, but we still recommend adding a layer of pillowcase before using it, which will make it easier to clean and try to keep the body pillow clean.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Since our pillow packaging is sealed packed, it is flat at the beginning. In order to make the body pillow fluffy, you must first press, squeeze, fold, etc., and it will become fluffy after a period of time. We focus on high-quality products. For this body pillow, we are confident that we can meet the needs of customers for bed pillows. We will do our best to provide our customers with the best quality service and solve their various problems.
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