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Hand Ouija Board Shower Curtain and Rug Set Bathroom Curtains Mats Rugs-3_90x180cm

  • High-quality polyester polyester shower liner can be used healthy and durable, suitable for hotel and home decoration. Knitted fabrics are thicker than ordinary fabrics, providing a luxurious and spa-like feeling in the shower or bath. A great choice for your home and home; the polyethylene resin material is easy to clean. Just wipe it with a cloth as needed
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth. It is suitable for many standard size shower trays, and can be used with straight or curved shower rods. Easily replace your favorite shower ring hook
  • Package includes: bathroom set with shower curtain, carpet and accessories (1 shower curtain with 12 hooks, 1 shower mat 75x45cm, 1 contour cushion 50x40cm, 1 toilet lid 42x38cm)
  • The ultra-smooth professional design repels water and promotes the formation of water droplets, so that the water quickly rolls off the surface, keeping your bathroom dry and clean. It can be used as an independent curtain to create a bright and airy atmosphere, or it can be used with you Use with your favorite fabric shower curtain
  • Our shower curtain is waterproof and helps keep the water in the bathtub. The reinforced lining and high-quality fabric make it resistant to tearing. Machine wash in cold water, do not bleach, and tumble dry at low temperatures. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us.
The 100% polyester shower curtain is environmentally friendly and durable, which is very suitable for home decoration. The super waterproof fabric is specially manufactured and is very suitable for rapid drying in humid environments. The polyester shower curtain is healthy and long-lasting, and has super waterproof performance. It uses raincoat waterproof technology, which can easily slide moisture and prevent soaking. The durable 100% polyester fabric is coated to make water fall off easily and prevent soaking. Keep the water in the shower, the water slides down, and the curtains dry quickly It is strongly recommended for the elderly and children who have easy access to things or water toys. In addition, it is also an option for RV bathrooms or small showers that actually require more storage space. It can be used inside and outside the shower area as needed