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Bathtub Pillow for Neck and Shoulder: Spa Bathroom Accessories Bath Pillow for Bathtub with 6 Suction Cups. Luxury Headrest Bath Cushion for Tub. Self-Care Gifts for Women, Relaxing Bath Gift Set

  • TRANSFORM YOUR BATH TUB INTO A HOME SPA. Imagine enjoying a relaxing bath without the neck or back pain that accompanies lying in a hard tub! That's why we've created this bathtub pillow for soaking tub.
  • CREATE YOUR AT-HOME LUXURY SPA! With this non slip bath pillow with suction cups, you'll get optimal support for head, neck, and shoulders throughout your luxurious bathing experience.
  • LUXURY BATH PRODUCTS. Enjoy bath time to the fullest, and sink your head into the extra-soft padding cushion of your sumptuous new waterproof spa pillow for bathtub luxury!
  • SELF CARE BATH ACCESSORIES FOR RELAXATION & DE-STRESS. A bubble bath should be a pampering experience that allows us to recover from any stress. This bathtub headrest pillow will allow you to do exactly that.
  • AT HOME SPA KIT FOR WOMEN OR SOMEONE IN NEED OF "ME-TIME"! The beautifully-presented bath tub pillow makes a thoughtful stress relief pamper gift for anyone who enjoys a long bath soak in the tub!
Monsuri's bath pillow is soft and extremely comfortable with a 4 inch thick inner filling which will give you the ideal cushioning for your head and neck, and 2 inch thickness to support your shoulders and back. It's beautiful design and high quality fabric will make this a must have in everyone's bathroom accessories repertoire. It will relieve muscle aches and soreness while enjoying a relaxing and peaceful bath. If we have one goal as a company, it is to encourage accountability to self-care. Monsuri is a lifestyle choice. A small family business offering a range of pamper, relaxation and health & wellness products committed to this philosophy. We want to help individuals like you and me to focus on the quality of what we do to help us unwind, reboot our brains and stay healthier. Give the gift of 'ME Time' to yourself and your loved ones. The perfect bath gifts for her, him, women, men, couples, wife or as a house warming or a birthday present. This bath accessory would be ideal to use alongside our luxurious and bamboo wooden bath caddy and bath bombs. CREATE A RELAXING SPA-LIKE ATMOSPHERE AT HOME. ME TIME - There are immense mental and physical benefits to ‘ME TIME’. Self-pampering promotes self-love, positive feelings of wellbeing and a healthy relationship with ourselves, improving confidence and self-esteem. So far from being a selfish indulgence, at Monsuri we firmly believe you should never feel guilty for making time for yourself! This simple but effective design will effortlessly ease those tense and tired muscles after a long day.