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Elegant Bamboo Shower Bath Mat & Bamboo Hand Towel Set Non-Slip and Water Resistant Mat Eco-Friendly for Bathroom & Kitchen Large 27" x 16" Mat

  • SPA IN YOUR BATHROOM: Give your bathroom that spa look and feel with this 100% natural Bamboo Bath Mat and Bamboo fiber Hand Towel.
  • NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY BAMBOO: Our shower mats are made of natural high quality bamboo, which make them Eco-friendly, durable, long lasting, easy to clean, and very luxurious looking!
  • BAMBOO FIBER HAND TOWEL: Hand towel is made of natural bamboo fiber, which is up to 4 times more absorbant than a regular cotton towel. Bamboo fiber towels are also softer and dry quicker than cotton.
  • WATER RESISTANT & FAST DRYING: Our bamboo mats are much better than traditional bath rugs because our mats have a vented lattice design to provide better air flow, making them fast drying.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE: Cleaning is a breeze with this bath mat. Just wash with warm water and air dry. Also, unlike other bamboo mats that are hard to put away, our mat's lattice design makes it easy to roll up and store.
Elegant Home Essentials' Bamboo Bath Mat and Bamboo Hand Towel will make your bathroom have a a spa-like look and feel while providing safety and comfort! ✔ 100% NATURAL BAMBOO BATH MAT - Our Bamboo Mats are 100% natural, hand crafted with superior quality bamboo and craftsmanship. They are durable, and the natural bamboo adds an elegant look to any room!  ✔ BAMBOO HAND TOWEL - Included with each Bamboo mat is a Bamboo fiber Hand Towel to compliment your natural Eco-friendly bathroom! The Hand Towel is made of natural Bamboo Fiber, which is softer, more absorbent, and dry quicker than traditional cotton towels. ✔ INDOOR AND OUTDOOR - Mats are ideal for both Indoor and Outdoor use. They are water resistant and easy to clean. ✔ NON-SLIP PADDING -  Non-slip pads underneath minimize sliding and keep the mat firmly in place. ✔ LATTICE DESIGN - The mat's design allows for proper air flow and quick drying. This lattice design also makes it easy to roll up the mat when not in use.